Sunday, September 21, 2008

Boston - Misc. shots

Breakfast one morning was at Au Bon Pain.  Here I was amazed to see (and smell) a homeless person taking advantage of WiFi to use his laptop.  So, many unanswered questions.

Breakfast sandwich.

Saw this guy pulling change out of one of the fountains in Boston.  On first glance, he didn't appear to be a homeless person maybe just a recylcer as his bags are full of cans and bottles.  Maybe he just wanted to recycle the change in the fountain.
This is always fun to watch.  I should've videotaped it instead of just taking a photograph.  It's trash at the end of the escalator - in constant motion like waves upon the shoreline.
This is shot from the market.  Amongst all the empty cartons and crates are bags and bags of corn.  Does that mean all of that corn is trash??  I'm confused.  Very confused.

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