Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boston - Feast of St. Anthony

While in Boston, we were there for the Feast of St. Anthony.  Not being Catholic and not being Italian, this was all new to me.  

There was a little shrine in what looked like it was, at one point, someone's living room.  Here there were two women who would help you pin your money on the saint.  Looking over this photo, I saw lots of ones and fives but was amazed to see that someone had pinned a $100. bill on the statue. 

This is the statue that they parade around the streets for ten hours.  It does take time to walk the streets when you have to stop every few feet to allow parishioners and others to pin their money on the saint.  Where does the money go?  How do you know all the money gets to where it is supposed to go?  I guess one has to have faith.
These people where waiting for the statue to pass by their home.  Some people were throwing confetti from their second and third floor windows.  Some of the windows had streamers with money pinned to it dangling down.  I thought, maybe, when the statue passed by they would throw down their streamers to be attached to the saint but that didn't happen.
There were all sorts of foods to buy and eat at the feast.  These are called rice balls.  I had no idea what they were so I asked.  Supposedly they are stuffed with meat or sausage.  I'm not sure how you eat them.  If I ever go back, I'll have to try one.
What I did try was a cannoli.  A fresh, stuffed, chocolate chip cannoli.  Bob and I were sharing it but then he walked away to take some photos and when he came back, I had finished it.  What can I say?  He walked away.  I wasn't going to stand there and hold it all day waiting for him to come back.  Ya snooze, ya lose.

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