Saturday, August 2, 2008

Secrets of the Chefs - DuPont Country Club, July 2008

Several times a year, the DuPont Country Club runs a program called Secrets of the Chefs.  A chef will prepare a meal, tell you his tips and secrets and then you get to sample everything.  They give you the recipes to follow along with him and take notes as he gives out little tips. This session was called Island BBQ.

We started out with a Blackberry Mojito (non-alcoholic).  It was yummy - except for the seeds.

Next we had mango and maple syrup-glazed scallops and corn salad.  I'm not a scallop fan so I gave one away to my friend and tried the other one.  I'm still not a scallop fan.  The corn salad was delicious.  He actually suggested adding a shot or less of tequila or vodka to the corn salad in order to wake up the flavors.  I'll have to try that.
I was so busy eating and talking that I missed taking photos of the grilled Caesar salad with rosemary crostini and the genuine teriyaki grilled minute steak with steamed fingerlings and grilled vegetables.  It was all delicious.

Here is the chef walking around to show us the consistency of the Caesar dressing he just blended.
Of course, the best is always the dessert.  Today we had grilled pina cotta with burnt sugar caramel.  It was like a light creme brulee.  It has buttermilk in it for a unique flavor and unflavored gelatin to give it bulk without being too heavy like creme brulee can be.  Can't wait to try this one out.

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