Sunday, August 31, 2008

Indian or American?

While down at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, we happened to be there during an Indian cultural festival.  The women's clothing was very colorful and we enjoyed watching the different dancing performers and henna artisans.  However, we were not brave enough to try some of the ethnic dishes.

Instead, we stopped at Legal Seafood on the way home.  I had never eaten there before but Bob has many times on his business travels.

We started with the soup course.  Bob had the clam chowder and I had this - the Maryland crab cream soup.  Yum, yum, yum.

For his entree, Bob ordered the scrod.

I had shrimp stuffed with crab meat.  Boy, was I stuffed.  I had to take two of these home and have them for lunch the next day.

(We just ate at a place called Bonefish Grille in Exton.  I felt that their crabs cakes were far superior to the crabcake stuffing of the shrimp shown above. ) 

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