Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is a classroom

Of all my years in college, this is the oddest classroom and classroom layout I have ever come across.  Every Wednesday for the last 14 weeks I have come to this classroom to discuss film and literature as mythology.  The first thing everyone discusses every week is how weird the room is and how uncomfortable they are with the set up.  If you come late and all the seats at the tables are full you have to sit along the wall.

This week we watched an excerpt from an old cult movie that I would highly recommend when you're in the mood to watch a really bad movie.  It's so bad that it's laughable.  It stars Arnold Strong.  Ever heard of him?  That's Arnold Schwarzenegger when he first came to America.  The film is called Hercules in New York and it was shot in 1969.  Arnold is in serious need of a drama coach and a diction coach!  I don't think it's available on DVD only on VHS.   

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