Thursday, July 10, 2008

Taking an idea from Gary Fong - shoot your food

Followers of Gary Fong know that he likes to take photos of his food when he travels. Borrowing that idea, I shot a few food photos on our travels.

Here is our dessert from a Chili's restaurant in Deptford, NJ.  It was my first time ever eating at a Chili's restaurant.  Not something a person with a compromised intestinal tract should really do but I managed to survive.  This is a new dessert they have called a Shooter.  This is an apple crumb caramel one.

This is our breakfast the next day at a diner in Newtown Square, PA.  I'm not quite sure of the name as their sign was damaged.  I've eaten there maybe a handful of times in my life so far.

Here is Bob's Southwestern Omelette:

I just wanted some scrambled eggs and a piece of sausage.  I wasn't expecting the sausage to be that big or to have half the plate full of home fries.  Though it all hit the spot.

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